Throw, Flip, Run! Drinking Game Rules

How to Play the Throw, Flip, Run Drinking Game!

Throw, Flip, Run! This drinking game involves tossing pong balls, flipping cups, and dashing around the table! It brings party-goers together for some chaotic fun. Throw, Flip, Run is a quick game that is played in two teams of two players.

Players: 4+ players
Required Supplies: 2 x Ping Pong Balls, 1 x Pong Table, 12 x Red Solo Cups


Divide the four players into two teams of two. Lineup two rows of six red solo cups in the orientation shown below in the diagram. Fill each cup with some drink of your teams’ choosing. Teammates stand on opposite sides of the table. Each team gets one ping pong ball and the teammate standing farthest away from their teams’ row of cups starts with the ball. Throw, Flip, Run! is a race to see who finishes first. Speed and efficiency are everything in this game.

Top Gun drinking game


On your mark, get set, go! The two players on opposite teams start by throwing their ball at the six cups at the same time. The other team member opposite the thrower is stationed behind the cups so that they can retrieve the ball if the thrower misses. If the thrower misses, the retriever grabs the ball and quickly tosses it back to the thrower so that they can keep trying until they sink a cup.

Once the thrower hits a cup they run over to the cup, remove the ball, drink the cup, and flip the cup (same manner as Flip Cup). Once they land a successful flip, the two teammates switch places so that the retriever is now the thrower and vice versa.

This pattern continues until all the cups have been sunk and flipped. First team to finish first wins!

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