Beersbee Drinking Game Rules

How to Play Beersbee

Beersbee is a great outdoor drinking game that combines frisbee and drinking. Players balance a can on a pole extending from the ground and take turns trying to knock each other’s cans off the pole.

Players: 2+ players
Required Supplies: 2 x poles/sticks, 2 x cans, 1 x frisbee


Two Beersbee poles are required to play Beersbee. There are plenty of different options when it comes to choosing a pole. You can make two poles out of standard PVC piping like I did, or you can get real lazy and shove a couple of tree branches in the ground. I’ve even played using two ski poles in the past which worked great. To setup, start by positioning your two poles in the ground approximately 15ft apart or as far apart as you like.

Next up, balance two cans on top of the poles. The cans can either be empty or nearly empty depending on your preference.



Beersbee can be played one-on-one or with two teams of two. Each team takes turns throwing the frisbee at the other team’s can or pole.

  1. If the frisbee hits the pole, and the can falls to the ground, then the throwing team gets one point.
  2. If the frisbee directly hits the can and the can falls to the ground, then the throwing team gets two points.
  3. No points are awarded if the frisbee hits either the can or the pole and the can is caught by the defending team before hitting the ground. 
  4. Drink for every point that goes against your team.

The defending team must try to catch the frisbee that is thrown if it misses the pole and can.

  1. If the defending team misses the catch or drops the frisbee they take a drink.
  2. If the throwing team throws the frisbee wildly and it is uncatchable, then the throwing team takes a drink.
  3. Drinks should be taken if there is any interference by the defending team. The defending team cannot reach in front of the pole to stop the frisbee.

In addition, the frisbee cannot be passed between teammates. The frisbee must be thrown between teammates at all times, otherwise the penalized team should take a drink.

Standard games are played up to 15 points and must be won by 2 points.

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