Electricity Drinking Game Rules

How to Play the Electricity Drinking Game:

Electricity is a very simple drinking game that will have you heading for the fridge to get a new drink frequently. Players take turns flipping cards and drinking when a connection is made.

Players: 4+ players
Required Supplies: Deck of cards.


  • Players sit in a circle.
  • Spread out the cards face down in the middle of the group.
  • Someone volunteer to go first.

Electricity Drinking Game

Electricity Drinking Game Rules:

  • Play goes clockwise around the circle.
  • The first player flips a card – this defines the suit of the circuit (hearts, diamonds, clubs, or spades).
  • The second player flips a card:
    • A circuit is formed when the second card is the same suit as the first card. The players in the circuit must drink for the number of seconds that their individual card is worth – Ace is 1, and face cards are 10. For example: player 1 (4 clubs) drinks for 4 seconds – player 2 (queen clubs) drinks for 10 seconds.
    • If the card is the same value as the previous card then the circuit is formed and both players are linked and must drink twice as long. The circuits’ suit is not changed by the new card however, so the next player will still need the same base suit. For example: player 1 (4 clubs) drinks for 8 seconds – player 2 (4 diamonds) drinks for 8 seconds – the next player still needs a club to keep the circuit live.
  • The next player then flips a card.
    • If the card continues the circuit, everyone in the circuit drinks their card value, or double if they’re linked to someone else as above.
    • If the card breaks the circuit (different suit and different value), the previous cards are removed from play and the new card becomes the next base suit.
  • When a circuit makes it all the way around the circle with the person who started it drawing another successful card – your circuit is shorted and blows up. Everyone must finish their drink.

This game can lead to a lot of drinking – know your limits. Have fun and drink responsibly!

Alternate Electricity Drinking Game Rule:

Instead of playing by suit play by colour – black or red. This makes the circuits longer and more frequent.

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