Giant Drinking Jenga Set – Simple DIY Guide

DIY Guide: Making a Giant Drinking Jenga Set!

Giant Drinking Jenga is one of my favorite drinking games for outdoor events, especially during the summer. In the summer, a relative of mine asked me to bring my Giant Drinking Jenga set to her wedding where it quickly became very popular among all the wedding guests. It’s a great game that brings people together and encourages socializing and drinking. Giant Drinking Jenga is basically the same as regular Drinking Jenga, just giant!

Material List:

Here are the supplies and tools you will need to make your very own Giant Drinking Jenga Set.

  • 2″ x 4″ x 8′ pine lumber – 6 total
  • Permanent marker or wood burning tool
  • Saw (miter, circular, or hand saw)
  • Sander (random orbital sander or sand paper & elbow grease)

I went with 2×4’s of pine because that is the cheapest option. Overall it only cost me around $20. Feel free to use any type of lumber you like. The only required tools for this job would be a saw and an electric sander. You could sand by hand with sand paper but it would be labor intensive. I used my miter saw and random orbital sander.

The difference between constructing a standard Jenga set and a Drinking Jenga set are the rules you put on each Jenga piece. Given all the hard work you’re putting into building the Giant Jenga set you may want to use a wood burning pen to write your rules on each piece. Or you could choose to use a permanent marker if you’re looking for the easiest and cheapest option.


Follow the simple steps below and you’ll have your own Giant Drinking Jenga set in no time.

  1. Measure a 10.5″ segment on one of your 2×4’s. Make the cut, repeat. In total you will need 54 Jenga pieces, each measuring 10.5 inches in length.
  2. Sand each piece so that it is smooth. A random orbital sander will really speed up this process.
  3. Write drinking rules onto each Jenga piece. This can be done with a permanent marker or with a wood burning kit depending on your preference. See below for some suggested drinking rules.

Suggested Drinking Jenga Rule List:

The rules of Drinking Jenga are very simple. Players take turns pulling blocks out from the Jenga tower and place them on top of the tower. If a rule is written on a block, whoever pulled the block must follow the rule. Eventually the tower becomes unstable and someone knocks it over. Whoever knocks it over finishes their drink! You can use many of the same rules that are typically found in a game of King’s Cup but I do challenge you to make up some of your own rules! It can be difficult to decide what to write on Jenga blocks so here are some of the rules that I like to use.

giant drinking jenga rules

  • Waterfall: Everybody starts drinking at the same time. Whoever drew the card can stop drinking whenever they want. Everybody else continues drinking as long as the person to their right is still drinking.
  • Give Two: Give away two drinks. Give two drinks to anyone else who’s playing.
  • Take Three: Whoever drew the card takes three drinks.
  • Girls: Girls take a drink.
  • Guys: Guys take a drink.
  • Categories: The player who drew the card picks a category. For example, “brands of vehicles”. Everyone in the circle name brands of cars, like Hyundai, Honda, Ford, etc. First person that can’t name a unique category loses and drinks.
  • Sevens: Each person counts upwards from one in a circle. When it comes time to say “seven”, clap instead. The direction reverses and the previous person says “eight”. This continues for any multiple of seven or any number with seven in it like 17 or 27.
  • Mate: Whoever picked the card chooses a drinking buddy. Whenever either drinking buddy has to drink for a cycle of turns, the other has to drink as well.
  • Rhyme: The person that picked the card chooses a word. The next person in the circle has to choose a word that rhymes with the original word. The first person that can’t think of a rhyme loses and drinks.
  • Never Have I Ever: Everyone holds up three fingers. The person who pulled the card says something they’ve never done. If anybody else in the circle has done this, they then lower a finger and take a drink. The first person to lower all three fingers loses and takes a drink.
  • Thumbs: Whoever drew the card now has “thumbs”. At any point during the rest of the game they can place their thumb on the table. Everybody else in the group must then place their thumb on the table. The last person to do so takes a drink.
  • Anticipation: Whoever pulled the block starts by saying “One”. Anyone else can then say “two” but if multiple people say it at the same time then those people drink. If someone says a number and three seconds go by without the next number being called, then everyone else drinks.
  • Giraffe: The tallest person playing takes a drink.
  • Southpaw: You must now use your non-dominant hand to pull blocks for the rest of the game.
  • Shot: Take a shot.
  • Rule: Make up your own rule. For example, “No smiling”, anyone who smiles takes a drink. These custom rules only last for one round of turns.
  • Split: People on either side of you take a drink.
  • Reverse: Reverse the direction of the circle so that turns are taken counter-clockwise now.
  • Old Man: The oldest person playing takes a drink.
  • Finish: Finish your drink!
  • Touchy Movey: Pull another Jenga block but the first one you touch has to be the one you pull.
  • Oracle: Predict who will be the one that knocks over the tower. If you are wrong, you must finish your drink with the person who knocked it over.
  • Again: Pull another block!

I suggest you leave some blocks without rules as well. That’s it! time to start playing Jenga!

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