Boat Race Drinking Game Rules

How to do a drinking Boat Race:

A drinking Boat Race is a simple drinking relay race between two teams. In this drinking game, teams race to finish their beers before the other team.

Players: 8+ players
Required Supplies: Table, 2 cups / person, 1 beer / person


  • Divide into two teams – one team on each side of the table.
  • Each player has 2 cups and pours half a beer in each.
  • Starting from one end of the table the first two competitors will face each other and are designated the starters.
  • The competitors facing each other at the far end of the table are the anchors.

Boat Race Rules:

To start the race the starters cheers each other, then touch their cups to the table and begin chugging. (Commonly referred to as: “Cheers, Down, Drink.”)

The next person in line can’t touch their cup until the previous person has placed their empty cup back on the table. Any cheating on this relay pass will disqualify the whole team.

The race goes from the starter down the line to the anchor and back down the line to finish with the original starter – half a beer in each direction.

The anchor must drink both their cups back to back to complete the turn.

A team is disqualified if: someone spills beer, doesn’t finish their drink, someone touches their cup out of turn, or if someone pukes.

Know your limits, and please drink responsibly.

Alternate Boat Race Rules and Gear:

In the movie Beerfest they sometimes use boot shaped glasses, “Das Boot.”

The frat houses at my university used half pint glasses as their official boat race glasses.

Good luck, and have fun!

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