Arrogance Drinking Game Rules

How to Play the Arrogance Drinking Game

Arrogance is a simple drinking game that relies on your ability to be confident and lucky. Your own arrogance could be your downfall or the downfall of the person sitting next to you!

Players: 2+ players
Required Supplies: Coin/Quarter/Nickel, Empty Cup, Drinks


Grab your friends and sit around a table. Place the empty cup in the center of the table.

General Rules:

Start the game by designating someone to go first. This person chooses how much of their drink is poured into the empty cup. They then continue with flipping the coin and calling “heads” or “tails” before the coin face is revealed. If they guessed wrong then they drink the drink in the center cup. If they guess correctly they don’t have to drink anything and it’s now the next person’s turn. The next person proceeds in the same way.

As the game progresses, and people guess correctly, the cup will fill up more and more until someone guesses wrong and has to chug the mixture of everyone’s drink. You can choose to be conservative on your turn and only pour a small amount of drink into the cup, or you can be arrogant and pour your entire drink in the cup. It all depends on how much you want to gamble!

That’s it! It’s a simple drinking game that is guaranteed be fun for everyone. Be sure to check out our complete list of drinking games that will make any party a hit!

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