DIY Beersbee Poles: Quick & Easy Guide

Making Your Own Beersbee Poles!

No drinking game says “summer” quite like Beersbee. Nothing beats tossing a Frisbee around and slamming a few drinks in the backyard with your friends (except maybe playing Giant Drinking Jenga). The great thing about Beersbee is that anyone can play. It doesn’t require too much skill and makes a great event for outdoor parties, Yard Olympics, or even a lazy Saturday BBQs with your buddies. Other than a Frisbee, the main thing you need to play Beersbee are your own set of Beersbee Poles.

If you’re like me, you probably enjoy playing drinking games with the right supplies. Beersbee can be played with many different types of poles (tree branches, ski poles, etc) but for the best result I suggest making your very own set. Making your own poles out of PVC will give you a very sturdy setup and will save you money in comparison to using other materials.


Material List:

Here are the supplies you will need to make your very own set of Beersbee Poles.

  • 1” PVC pipe – 10 feet in length
  • 1” PVC pipe cap – 2 total
  • Spray paint (optional)
  • Masking tape (optional)

The only required tool for this job is a saw. I used my miter saw, but a circular saw or even a hand saw would work just as well. You can purchase these saws on Amazon, here are the ones I own – Dewalt Mitre Saw and a Dewalt Circular Saw


Follow the simple steps below and you’ll be playing Beersbee in the backyard in no time.

  1. beersbee-5Start by measuring the PVC pipe into two halves. This will leave you with two 5 foot segments. If you want shorter poles, feel free to adjust this measurement. Keep in mind the bottom 6” will be pushed into the ground.
  2. Make your cut along your measurement with a saw. Make sure your pipe is held secure with a clamp when using an electric saw. Using a hand saw will work great as well.
  3. Cut one end of each pipe segment into a “V”. This is the end that will stick into the ground. Creating a sharp “V” will make it easier to plant firmly in the earth.
  4. Spray paint an interesting design on each pole (optional). This is purely decorative and is completely optional. I found it fun to paint a spiral design on each pole in different colors. This helps differentiate between the two teams – Blue vs. Red. I used masking tape to layout the design and sprayed over the PVC and tape. Once dry, I removed the masking tape which left the white area unpainted.
  5. Insert a PVC cap on the flat end of each pipe segment. This helps create a flat base that your drink can will rest on.

You’re all set! Grab yourself a Frisbee, a couple friends, and some drinks and your ready to play. Head on over to our Beersbee Game Rules to learn how to play.

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