Flip Cup Drinking Game Rules

How to Play Flip Cup

Flip Cup is a simple drinking game that can get a group of friends charged up, very fast. It involves chugging drinks and flipping cups. Doesn’t get much simpler than that. Flip Cup can be played as a game of its own or as a part of other games such as Drinking Baseball or Throw, Flip, Run!

Players: 4+ players
Required Supplies: 4+ x Red Solo Cups


To start Flip Cup, divide your friends into two teams and line up on either side of your table. Each person should have a Red Solo Cup in front of them filled about halfway with a drink.


Flip Cup Rules:

Flip Cup is essentially a race. The players from each team that are standing in position #1 start the game. They “cheers” their cups together, tap the cups on the table in front of them, and start chugging their drink. Once a player finishes chugging their drink they place their empty cup on the table upright and “flip their cup” as shown below.

If you don’t land the flip on the first try, keep trying until you do (remember this is a race). Once the player in position #1 finishes their flip the next person on their team in position #2 starts chugging their drink. This player does the same as the player in position #1. Drink, flip the cup, and onto the next person in line. The winning team is the one whose team members finish first. Flip Cup is a game that can be played in less than a minute and can be played with a hand-full of friends or with hundreds of people. So give your team a great Flip Cup team name and start drinking!

Optional Rules:

  1. Play with two cups each! Once you reach the end of your line have the last person start another cup and bring the line back to the start!

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