Tomar Drinking Game Rules

How to Play the Tomar Drinking Game:

“Tomar” is Spanish for “drink.” This is a drinking game I invented one night at a hostel while backpacking in Peru. It is very simple and lets you have conversations without having to concentrate on playing.

Players: 4+ players
Required Supplies: Pair of dice.


Sit around a table with drinks and a pair of dice.

Tomar Drinking Game Rules:

  • The game is played clockwise.
  • On your turn you roll the dice up to 3 times trying to get a double – both die land on the same number.
    • If you get doubles you add up the points and get to give that many drinks. You can spread out the drinks over multiple people.
    • If after 3 attempts you failed to get doubles, then everyone shouts “tomar!” at you and you have to drink the number of drinks of the lowest value die from your last roll. For example if your 3rd roll is a 6 and a 4 you would take 4 drinks.

That’s it. Sometimes simple is best! Have fun and please drink responsibly!

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