Oh No! A Drinking Card Game

Everything You Need to Know about Oh No!

Oh No! is a simple drinking card game in which players send drinks to each other and try to knock each other out of the game. The penalty for losing – finish your drink! There can only be one winner, so prepare to drink up!

Players: 4-6 players
Required Supplies: Oh No! deck of playing cards (see below)

oh no! a drinking card game


Oh No! utilizes two types of cards, Color Cards and Rule Cards. Players play Color Cards to choose which colored player will drink. The player receiving the drink has the ability to redirect it with their Rule Cards. Drinks can be Reflected, Refracted, Paralleled, Absorbed, Split, Relayed, Blocked, or Multiplied. Madness ensues when drinks are bounced around between all the players until someone is no longer able to defend themselves from drinking. The first player who drinks five times is knocked out and must finish their drink!

Oh No! A Drinking Card Game

Acquiring a Deck of Cards:

Oh No! was invented by one of the founders of Drinking and Stuff, The Pioneer. As such, it is only available in one location – the The Game Crafter Online Shop. At this shop, you can order as many decks as you want and they will ship you all 54 playing cards complete with a card box to hold them.

Oh No! is the first custom game by the Drinking and Stuff authors but I’m certain it won’t be the last. Keep your eyes pealed for more custom games we release in the future!

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