Buffalo Drinking Game Rules

How to Play the Buffalo drinking game:

Buffalo is a drinking game played at parties while everything else goes on. It is sometimes also called Buffalo Club. Make sure you’re not holding your drink in your dominant hand!

Players: 2+ players
Required Supplies: None


Inform everyone at the party that Buffalo is being played. Explain the following rules to anyone who might not be familiar with the game.

Buffalo Drinking Game Rules:

  • The main rule is that you cannot hold your drink with your dominant hand.
  • When you catch someone holding their drink in their dominant hand you call “Buffalo” and they must finish their drink. It only counts if it is called while the player still has their drink in their dominant hand.
  • You can call Buffalo on multiple people at once. Try to get everyone to finish their drinks!
  • You are only allowed to hold your drink in your dominant hand if you are double fisting (holding a drink in each hand). No other exceptions or excuses are accepted.
  • If you incorrectly call Buffalo on someone, you must finish your drink for screwing up. This happens if they are double fisting or if you were wrong about someone’s left or right handedness. This can be a tough game to play around strangers if you don’t know which hand they are dominant with.

What’s with the name?

In the wild, wild, west days when buffalo roamed the plains and cowboys and cowgirls were gunslingers it was important to keep your shooting (dominant) hand free in case some no-good outlaws came into the saloon.

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