Coin Hockey Drinking Game Rules

Coin Hockey – Drinking Game Rules

Coin Hockey is a drinking game played with a coin where players flick the coin and try to score by hitting other player’s cans.

Players: 3+ players
Required Supplies: Coin/Quarter/Nickel, Cans of Drink


Players sit or stand around a small table with one full can of drink on the table in front of them.

General Rules:

Each player takes turns spinning the coin in the center of the table. This is typically done by standing the coin up on end and flicking one side of it to create a spinning motion. Once the coin is spinning, the spinner shouts out the name of one of the other players. Whoever’s name was called (the shooter) will then flick or sweep the spinning coin to try to hit someone’s can. Everyone else can now goal tend their can but can only block the coin with two of their fingers. Typically the index and pinky fingers are used. If the shooter hits a can, the defender of that can will drink.

beer hockey coin

When someone scores a goal, the shooter spins the coin once again. Whoever was scored on drinks their drink until the coin stops spinning. Any player in the circle has the choice to try to stop the coin mid-spin so that it stays standing up on edge. If they are successful, the player who was drinking must finish their entire drink. If a player tries to stop the coin on edge, but fail, they themselves must drink while the coin is spun again.

Once the drinking has concluded, it is now the shooter’s turn to spin the coin.

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