The 5 Best Summer Drinking Games

The Best Summer Drinking Games!

Summer is finally here and there’s nothing better than getting a group of friends together on the weekend and playing drinking games in the outdoors. Whether you’re camping, BBQ’ing, or drinking in the backyard, these summer drinking games are simply the best. Cheers to long hot days and wild summer nights!

5. Drinking Bocce Ball!

summer drinking games bocci ball

Players: 2+ players for best results
Required Supplies: Bocce Ball set, drinks

Sometimes it’s best to keep drinking games simple. That’s why turning classic lawn games into drinking games works so well! Bocce Ball is a game that’s been around forever. Throw the jack (small ball) and have everyone grab a matching set of the larger balls. Players take turns bowling their Bocce Balls towards the jack. Whoever ends up the closest to the jack gets a point. If this person has two balls closest to the jack they get two points. The winner of the round gets to now throw the jack to a new location. Rounds repeat and the first one with a total of 13 points is the victor.

Players drink for every point that someone else scores. Players also drink if your Bocce Ball collides with another player’s Bocce Ball. Everybody takes a drink if anyone hits the jack with their Bocce Ball. Break out the Bocce Ball Set from your parent’s garage or buy your own on Amazon, it’s time to play summer drinking games!

4. Giant Drinking Jenga!!

Giant Drinking Jenga Set

Players: 2+ players for best results
Required Supplies: Giant Drinking Jenga Set, drinks

Giant Drinking Jenga is one of my favorite summer drinking games for outdoor events. It’s a great game that brings people together and encourages socializing and drinking. Giant Drinking Jenga is basically the same as regular Drinking Jenga, just giant! If you’re going to play Giant Drining Jenga you’re going to need to build your own Giant Drinking Jenga Set. Good thing we made a Simple DIY Guide to show you how to build your own set! Work hard, play hard, drink hard!

3. Drinking Cornhole!

Cornhole Summer Drinking Game

Players: 2 or 4 players for best results
Required Supplies: Corn Hole Set including bean bags, drinks

Even without the aid of a drink, Cornhole is one of the best backyard games around. Cornhole has become excessively popular at BBQs and even at outdoor weddings! It’s no wonder that Drinking Cornhole is one of the best summer drinking games of all time. Drinking Cornhole is played the same way as regular Cornhole and starts by breaking up into two teams of two, spaced roughly 25 feet apart with the a Cornhole board in front of each team.

Teams take turns throwing beanbags at the opposing team’s Cornhole board from behind their own Cornhole board. You can purchase your own cornhole set on Amazon. Each team should have four bean bags, one team throws a bean bag, then the next, until all the beanbags have been thrown. The goal is to sink your beanbag into the “corn hole”. Sinking a bag into the corn hole is worth 3 points and having a beanbag on the board at the end of all the throws is worth 1 point. Each team totals their points and the difference between the two teams’ points is assigned to the team with the higher point total. The first team to reach a running total of 21 points is the winner!

Now to the drinking aspect of Cornhole… Every time the opponent lands a beanbag on the board you take a drink. If they sink it in the Cornhole, take two drinks. If you knock one of your own bean bags off the table you take a drink. If you knock one of your own beanbags into the Cornhole, the other team takes 3 drinks. The losing team has to finish their drinks!

2. Darts!

beer dart summer drinking games

Players: 2-4 players for best results
Required Supplies: 1 full (unopened) can of drink for each player, 1 throwing dart

Darts is a drinking game best played outside with friends on a warm summer day. It’s a great game for backyard BBQ’s or camping trips. Players take turns throwing darts at each other’s cans, if you puncture another player’s can they must shot-gun their drink!

Players sit in chairs in a circle approximately 15ft apart. Each player places an unopened can of drink (not a bottle) in front of them on the ground. Each player should also have a second drink with them to drink from.

Players take turns throwing the dart at other player’s cans.

  1. If the dart misses the can, the thrower takes a sip of their drink. It’s now the opposing player’s turn to pick up the dart and throw next.
  2. If the dart hits the can but doesn’t puncture it, the opposing player takes a sip of their drink.
  3. If the dart punctures the can, the opposing player must shot-gun the rest of the drink.
  4. If the dart hits a player or the chair they are sitting in, the thrower must take a drink.

Standard games are played until someone has shot-gunned three times. Darts is one of the best summer drinking games.

1. Beersbee!

beersbee poles

Players: 2 or 4 players for best results
Required Supplies: Drink can, poles

Our number one summer drinking game is Beersbee! There simply isn’t another activity that better personifies summer than throwing a frisbee around and having a drink. In the game of Beersbee, players balance a can on a pole extending from the ground and take turns trying to knock each other’s cans off the pole.

If you want to make your own Beersbee poles check out our Simple DIY Guide to Making Beersbee Poles! If you follow our guide you’ll have your own set of poles made in no-time! For a brush-up on the rules to Beersbee, check out our Beersbee Drinking Game Rules.

That’s it for our list of the Top 5 Summer Drinking Games. Get outside, put on some sun screen and grab a drink, it’s time to make this a summer to remember!

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