Shots! The Best Drinking Games with Liquor!

The Best Drinking Games to Play with Shots

Everyone loves taking shots – uhhh, sort of. Well, one thing’s for sure, nothing gets you in the mood to party than taking shots! That’s why I’ve put together a list of my top 5 favorite drinking games to play with shots.

5. Sevens

Shots Drinking Games Seven

Players: 3+ players for best results
Required Supplies: Liquor, shot glasses

Sevens (otherwise known as Se7ens or 7s) is a simple counting drinking game that can be difficult to master. Get a group of three or more friends together for the best results.

The game starts with everyone grouped together in a circle. Each person says a number out loud counting up from “one”. The first person starts with “one”, the next person in the circle says “two”, then “three” and so on. Once the count reaches “seven” the player will clap instead of saying “seven” and the direction of the circle changes to the other direction. If that player accidentally says “seven” they take a shot and the game starts over at the beginning again. The same rule applies for any number with a “7” in it such as 17, 27, 37, etc. It also applies for any multiple of 7 such as 14, 21, 28, 25, etc.

If anyone screws up the pattern by speaking when it’s not their turn, saying a number when they should clap, clapping when they should say a number, or doing nothing at all for too long then they take a shot. Try to see how high of a count you can get to!

4. Never Have I Ever

Shots Drinking Game Never Have I Ever

Players: 3+ players for best results
Required Supplies: Liquor, shot glasses, drinks

The rules of Never Have I Ever are simple and well-known. One person starts by saying something that they have never done in their life. The other people playing take a sip of their side drink if they have done the act stated by the speaker. It’s now the next person’s turn in the group to become the speaker. When a player takes three sips of their drink they’re out of the game. It can help for each player to hold up three fingers at the beginning of the game and put down a finger every time they drink. If you’re eliminated from the game you take a shot! The last person remaining in the game wins and doesn’t have to take a shot.

Some popular Never Have I Ever questions are:

  • Never have I ever smoked weed
  • Never have I ever slept with someone on the first date
  • Never have I ever been in handcuffs
  • Never have I ever pulled an all-nighter

You get the idea. Never Have I Ever is a great drinking game when meeting new people. It’s often used as an ice breaker to explore people’s wild side and build friendships.

3. Shot Glass Checkers

Shots Drinking Games Shot Glass Checkers

Players: 2 or 4 players for best results
Required Supplies: Liquor, shot glasses, checkers board

Shot Glass Checkers is real simple, play normal Checkers but take a shot every time one of your playing pieces is removed from the board.

Some people prefer to replace all the checker pieces with shot glasses which can be fun. I, myself, prefer to simply take a shot on the side every time I lose a playing piece. I also prefer starting with only two rows of checker pieces (total of 10 pieces each) or playing in teams of two (alternating turns) with 20 pieces on each team. This helps cut down on the amount of shots you have to take during the game.

An alternate style of Shot Glass Checkers is to play normally with 20 checker pieces aside and only replace five of the twenty pieces of your choosing with shot glasses. This way each side has 15 checker pieces and 5 shot glasses each. It will make you more protective of your shot glass pieces and can increase the suspense towards the end of the game.

2. Truth or Shots

Shots Drinking Games Truth or Shots

Players: 3+ players for best results
Required Supplies: Liquor, shot glasses

Truth or Shots is a lot like Truth or Dare but you have the opportunity to avoid telling the truth by taking a shot instead. Players take turns asking each other questions and whoever is questioned must either answer truthfully or take a shot. The reason this one ranked so high on my list is that it works great as an icebreaker when meeting new people. It brings people together through story telling and avoids getting too personal since everyone can simply opt-out from answering by taking a shot. The more everyone drinks the more entertaining the answers become. See the full Truth or Shots post here, including the official app!

1. Battleshots

Battleshots Shots Drinking Game

Players: 2 or 4 players for best results
Required Supplies: Liquor, shot glasses, two pizza boxes, side drink

Battleshots is the drinking game version of the classic guessing game Battleship. In order to play Battleshots you’ll need to make your own Battleship grid board. The easiest way to make a Battleshots board is to use two empty pizza boxes. Lift the lid of each pizza box up and tape them together back-to-back. Draw an even grid with six columns and six rows on the floor of the pizza box on each side. Label the columns A, B, C, D, E, and F. Label the rows 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

Battleshots Grid Drinking Games

Each player or team will sit on one side of the pizza boxes so that one team cannot see the others’ grid. I like to play with three battleships each. One 4-piece battleship, one 3-piece battleship, and one 2-piece battleship. I use one full shot glass in each battleship and pennies for the rest of the ship. So my 4-piece ship would consist of three pennies and one shot glass in a row. You can place the shot glass and pennies in any order of your choosing when starting the game.

Start the game by placing your shots and pennies in the three battleship configurations anywhere on your grid. Once your setup is complete you take turns calling out a section of the grid, for example “D6”, where you think the opposing player might be hiding their battleships. The opposing player will respond “hit” or “miss”. When you hit a section of someone’s ship where a penny is placed then they take a drink of their drink. If you hit the section of the ship where the shot glass is placed they will take the shot. If you miss the other person’s battleship entirely then you will take a drink of your drink. When your battleship is hit on each section of the ship it is sunk. Sink all the other player’s battleships to win!

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