Flick Pong Drinking Game Rules

How to Play Flick Pong

Flick Pong is a drinking game that puts a unique spin on the classic drinking game of Pong. Bouncing is allowed, flicking is mandatory, and drinking is necessary!

Players: 2+ players
Required Supplies: 2 x Ping Pong Balls, 1 x Pong Table, 12+ x Red Solo Cups

Flick Pong Setup:

The traditional setup for Pong is made up of six cups orientated as a triangle on either side of the table. Flick Pong is played with the same setup with one key difference – place an empty bottle behind each triangle of cups. Whoever starts first begins by placing a ping pong ball on top of the bottle.

Flick Pong Rules:

Instead of throwing the pong balls like traditional Pong, the key to Flick Pong is flicking the ping pong ball off the top of the empty bottle and into the other player’s cups. You can do so by flicking the ball directly into the opposing team’s cups or by flicking the ball onto the table and bouncing it into a cup.

  • Flicking and bouncing the ball off the table is worth one cup. The opposing team drinks the cup hit and removes the cup from the table.
  • Flicking the ball directly from the bottle into a cup is worth two cups. The opposing team drinks the cup that was hit as well as one more of their choosing and removes them from the table.
  • Flicking the ball and banking it in off the other teams bottle is worth two cups.

No bounce shots can be blocked by the defending team. Each player or team gets two shots per turn and can only obtain more shots in a turn if the ping pong ball rolls back to them across the table after taking a shot. These shots are considered “Trick Shots” and must be flicked in an unnecessarily difficult fashion. I find flicking only with your thumb an interesting Trick Shot to try.

All the rest of the rules are in line with traditional Pong. If you need to refresh your memory on the rules of Pong you can do so by checking out our Pong Drinking Game Rules.

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