Beer Darts Drinking Game Rules

How to Play Beer Darts

Beer Darts is a drinking game best played outside with friends. Players take turns throwing darts at each other’s beer cans, if you puncture another player’s can they must shot-gun their beer!

Players: 2+ players
Required Supplies: 1 full (unopened) can of beer for each player, 1 throwing dart


Players sit in chairs in a circle approximately 15ft apart. Each player places an unopened can of beer (not a bottle) in front of them on the ground. Each player should also have a second drink with them to drink from.

Beer Darts Rules:

Players take turns throwing the dart at other player’s beer cans.

  1. If the dart misses the beer can, the thrower takes a sip of their drink. It’s now the opposing player’s turn to pick up the dart and throw next.
  2. If the dart hits the beer can but doesn’t puncture it, the opposing player takes a sip of their drink.
  3. If the dart punctures the can, the opposing player must shot-gun the rest of the beer.
  4. If the dart hits a player or the chair they are sitting in, the thrower must take a drink.

Standard games are played until someone has shot-gunned three times.

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  1. I mean I guess this seems like a fun game but you’re going to completely ruin your darts by throwing them at a can on the ground… I guess that just means you should use some cheap darts.

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